Skin Shell FAQs


Key Features

-Gently exfoliates and naturally moisturises to enhance the natural glow of your skin

-Kills acne causing bacteria

-Effectively balances the PH of your skin

-Our Skin Shells are made up of Konjac and are completely biodegradable, they are not only good for you but also good for our planet

What is a skin shell?

Our Naked Cheek skin shells are made up of 100% Vegetable fibre - Konjac!  Konjac is a root vegetable, also known as the Japanese potato.Our Skin Shells come in a variety of infusions to cater to all skin types.

Each Skin Shell contains:

Naked- Konjac

Charcoal- Konjac, Bamboo charcoal powder

Green Tea- Konjac, Green tea extract

Wild Mint- Konjac, Mint extract

Citrus- Konjac, Citrus extract

Cherry Blossom- Konjac, Cherry blossom leaf extract

Konjac sponges were originally created by Japanese farmers over 130 yrs ago to bath babies, so they are very safe to use on all skin types.

Naked Cheek Skin Shells are originated in Japan, curated in Australia and are manufactured in PRC

Direction & Care Instructions

All our Naked Cheek Skin Shells are sent in dry form.

Before use, soak your shell in warm water until completely soft like a sponge.

No product is required to be added to your sponge, however if you like you can cleanse before using your shell.

Massage your shell in circular motions onto your skin, paying specific attention to any problematic areas. Rinse off and then pat dry.

Once you are finished using your shell, rinse under warm water and gently squeeze out any excess water that may contain dirt and oils.

In between uses allow your skin shell to dry in a well ventilated area, alternatively you can store your shell in your beauty fridge.

Our skin shells are very delicate so it is very important that you are gentle with your shell as you do not want to cause any tearing.

Once your shell is wet it will last from 4-7+ weeks if cared for correctly.

Naked Cheek Skin Shells are completely biodegradable. Once they begin to breakdown its time for a new one!

Look after your skin shell and it will look after you...

Does each skin Shell have a distinct smell?

No they do not. The added ingredients are there to assist the konjac not over power it.

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