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Our Story

Here I share my story of trauma and how trauma set me on a new pathway.... 

Some of you may, or may not know, that sadly my husband  Michael and I lost our beautiful twin boys, Theo and Beau earlier this year. Sadly due to some serious complications, the boys couldn’t be saved and we were never able to take them home. Instead we were left with shattered dreams, a heavy heart and empty arms.

The week after we got home from the hospital, I received a message from an old friend who had unfortunately lost her boys a few years prior. In the message she wrote that I would never “get over” the passing of our boys, nor should I, but I would get through it. At the time, this was very hard to believe but as I write this now, and reflect on the last few months, I am using this experience to bring awareness to others and help me thrive in other areas of my life! 

Shortly after the passing of our boys, Michael and I quickly learned that if we wanted to make it out of this nightmare, we had to accept our new reality. We would have to make our own silver lining and look for the positives in everyday. The love I carry for our precious boys now fuels me and gives me the strength to do the things I never dreamed possible.

 Life will never be the same as it was before our boys passing, but nor do I want it to be. 
I’m a better person and friend for it. If this tragedy has taught me anything, it is that if I want something bad enough then I would have to go for it as tomorrow is never truly promised. Life really is a precious gift!

 For the last 14 years, with a short hiatus in the beauty industry, I have dedicated my life to the craft of nursing. In amongst this, I took trips here and there to fulfil my wanderlust desire and expand my own self development and growth. 

With a long burning dream to create something of my very own, I found it always being pushed to the side as I was too busy with my day to day job looking after others. This treacherous time has now given me time to re-evaluate things and further chase my dreams. With the support of my amazing husband, family, friends and work colleagues I now had the time and space to create my side dream. 

So with that has come my very own beauty label being created, Naked Cheek. All my passions rolled into one - A sustainable beauty and self-care approach for women, men and babies that is good for you and the planet, not to mention - easy to travel around with! 

Our Skin Shells are made up of 100% vegetable fibre and come in a variety of infusions to cater to all skin types.

We hope you love our skin shells as much as we do.

In honor of our boys Theo and Beau, Naked Cheek will be pledging $1 of every sale to Bears of Hope Foundation. A Foundation we now hold very dear to our heart.

“The loss is immeasurable but so is the love left behind”

Melody-  Naked Cheek x

Our Impact On The Planet

At Naked Cheek we are all about sustainability, Even the smallest of changes can end up having such a positive impact on our planet.

Not only are our Skin Shells biodegradable but we are proud to be using 100% compostable mailers and tissue paper.Our skin shell boxes are also recyclable so once you receive and open your packages you are able to throw your mailers/tissue paper in your compost and the rest of your packaging in the recycling bin.

We love guilt free products & packaging

Proudly supporting Bears Of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss support

Bears Of Hope-Our Pledge To Help

Naked Cheek is proudly supporting Bears of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support. 

For every purchase made, Naked Cheek will donate $1 to Bears Of Hope.

It is our hope that with every donation made we will be able to help other bereaved parents/families with the amazing tools & support we received. 

Together we can make a difference

Love from you

 During my second trimester, i was really struggling with my skin and was feeling very self conscious due to hormones and cystic pimples, nothing seemed to work.That was until i came across Naked Cheek Skin Shells!

I started off with the charcoal shell once a day. within the first three days, my skin was smoother and within a week my cystic pimples had disappeared completely. Since then i have moved onto using a green tea shell to help with redness from the pimples. I would highly recomend this product.


My new simple skin routine!

I purchased my first skin shell not quite knowing what to expect, i love it!

It leaves my skin feeling fresh and its really gentle on my rosacea skin.


The ultimate lazy girl skin care

Honestly, i love it...


I have been using my skin shell for a couple of months now and my skin feels so much smoother since using it.I have also noticed it gives my skin a really nice natural glow!


Iv been using the citrus shell for over a month now and absolutely love it...I love how easy it is to use and the fact that i don't have to add any products.My skin feels instantly smoother,soft and looks luminous.

My husband has also been using the the charcoal skin shell and he is quite impressed as well.His skin is a lot less oily and looks a lot better.Iv never seen him so excited about a beauty product.We both 100% LOVE & RECOMMEND !

Sara & Pete P